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Our Sacred Heart Library is in the process of renewal. 

We are presently in the phase between demolition and construction.  Regardless of the state of construction, our school library continues to provide valuable resources to both students and teachers.  In the meantime, ALL our student’s borrowing needs are housed in another building.  Each student visits weekly for their literature lesson and borrowing opportunity.

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Escape to Everywhere

The reading theme for this year is “escape to everywhere”.  This is a wonderful description of the power of reading.  How many of us remember, fondly, places that we were transported to via the books we read? 

This opportunity is a valuable way for our students to grow in their awareness and understanding of the world. There is magic in being able to transport yourself to another time and place and view the surroundings as the book character does.

Bookweek is our annual celebration of reading

Each year we host the well-loved Sacred Heart Book Parade on the Wednesday morning (Exhibition Holiday) and invite all our parents and community to attend.  This parade showcases each student’s love of reading as they dress up as their favourite character from a book they have read.

During Bookweek the Sacred Heart Readers’ Cup Competitions are held.  Our students are all involved as each class teacher has read all the books to their class and then chooses a team to represent the class at the competition.  Competition is quite intense to find the winning team, who earn medallions and a treat for their class.

Visiting authors and illustrators are welcome at Sacred Heart.  Each year funds from the library budget are allocated to provide visiting speakers.  These speakers are the authors or illustrators of books that have been used for English lessons and so deepen our student’s understanding of the writing and creating process behind the literature they use.

We love reading at Sacred Heart