School Song

Sacred Heart of Jesus​

 At Sacred Heart it’s terrific
To care, be polite and to smile
We know we should try hard to be good
And help each other all the while

Chorus: So lift your voices and sing God’s praise
Show your loving in many, many ways
We’ll serve each other in all that we do
Sacred Heart of Jesus we place our trust in you...

At Sacred Heart we’re respectful
Teachers and students one and all
With dignity we all strive to be
Christians together walking tall... Chorus

At Sacred Heart there’s commitment
Learning together strong in love
We work as one and still we have fun
Loving and serving God above... Chorus

At Sacred Heart celebrations
Special people, special days
We pray and sing and joyfully bring
Our hearts to Jesus full of praise... Chorus

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© Brisbane Catholic Education, Sacred Heart School (2023)​