School Fees


​The setting of school fees is the responsibility of the School Principal guided by the policies and levies set by Brisbane Catholic Education. The school fees, and any alterations, are approved by the Sacred Heart Pastoral School Board.​

Fees and levies collected at Sacred Heart Parish School are used for the following purposes:

  • Provide teaching, administrative, classroom support and facilities.

  • Provide essential resources, materials, facilities and equipment.

  • Assist with providing activities such as excursions.

  • Support the Sacred Heart Parish School building program.

  • Maintain buildings, grounds and other facilities

.​2023 Sacred Heart Annual School Fee Letter

1 to 1 iPad Student and Parent Guidelines Booklet

​Parents/Care-givers of Sacred Heart can access an Microsoft Excel Fee Calculator to determine the annual, monthly, term or weekly school fees. The calculator can be downloaded from the Parent Portal.