School Board

​The School Board at Sacred Heart, operates in the Pastoral Model, with a purpose to involve the local community in the "big picture" of schooling, planning to assist in setting direction for the school.

 "Parents and parishioners on local Boards bring decision making, the wisdom of parent educators, to complement the skills of teacher educators and pastors" (Boards in Catholic Education, 2001).

The School Board is "Pastoral" - concerned with nurturing the dignity and self worth of people, building life giving relationships and the holistic educational welfare of the students.  School Boards within the Brisbane Catholic Education System do not follow a business/management model.

The School Board aims for diverse and complementary expertise amongst its members.  Membership includes a combination of Parish Priest, Principal, School Administration, Teacher/s and Parents.  Financial expertise and familiarity with the Parents and Friends committee are also included.

Positions on the School Board will be advertised to the community when they come available each year.  Any parent is welcome to express an interest in being a part of the School Board.  Training is available for those interested in the School Board's operation or its membership.  Those who have completed the training are able to elect the new members of the School Board.

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month beginning at 5​​.00pm.​