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Enrolment Application & Support Procedures

A​ll students with a disability enrol through the Enrolment Application and Support Process (EASP). This is a consultative and collaborative process to ensure that students with disability are afforded access to and participation in education on the same basis as other students. The consultation process seeks to reveal and clarify:  
  • the characteristics of the learner, including impact of the disability 
  • the educational adjustments required for learning  
  • the implications of adjustments within the context of school, family and student.

When to apply the EASP

When enrolling a student with a disability and adjustments will be required to enable the student to participate in the curriculum, and use facilities, on the same basis as students without a disability.  

The EASP is not to be applied for reconsideration of enrolment. The Disability Standards for Education (2005) specifically state that in relation to a student with a disability who is enrolled in an educational institution.

The education provider must take reasonable steps to ensure that the student is able to participate in the courses or programs provided by the educational institution, and use facilities and service provided by it, on the same basis as a student without a disability, and without experiencing discrimination (p.19).

Once enrolled, ongoing consultation with the student and parents/carers is necessary to accommodate changing needs over time. This is achieved through the processes of:
  • personalised planning
  • individual education planning
  • the Education Adjustment Program (EAP)
  • and/or the processes associated with the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD).

In these circumstances, principals would engage their student support team and Education Officer/Consultant – Inclusive Education.

Stages of the EASP

There are multiple stages in the EASP. Each stage is outlined in detail in the Enrolment Application and Support Process. 

A copy of the procedure is available by contacting the Enrolment Secretary.